"The Guitar League is special to us.  It is popular, focused, durable, nurturing, appealing to a wide demographic, and yet it seems as simple as an old time Boy Scout troop. That's rare today."

A recent note from Guitar League members of the band,
 Canvas Moon

October Guitar League
October 5, 2015

 Main Presenter
The Perennials
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About The Guitar League

Meetings are held on the First Monday of each month (except holidays. See Meetings Page for details)
Location: Clarion Hotel, 100 Farrell Rd, Syracuse 
Time: 7:00 pm
See "Meetings Dates" page for details. Bring your guitar!

The first hour features a Special Presenter focusing on an aspect of playing the instrument. Then the group splits into three groups based on self-detemined skill level - Rookies, Minors and Majors. It's all over by 9:00. It's a great night, with new friends.
A note from Dick Ward

Guitar players are funny sometimes.
For example many people think that they are not good enough to come to something like the Guitar League. NOT TRUE! We have players of all levels, including folks who only know three chords!

They think we sit around in a circle taking turns. NOT TRUE! The Guitar league is completely different; you never have to play in front of people unless you want to.

Guitar League is a community of over 100 people who love the instrument. We all want to learn to improve our playing and are able to do that as a group, with mutual support.

Come check out the Guitar League. The first meeting is always free and if you are nervous, you don't even have to bring your guitar!

Guitar League is a community, sharing a common thread...love of the guitar. This website is the communication hub for a peer-group sharing experience revolving around guitar playing.

The Guitar League is essentially a "club" that meets monthly for a fun and informative experience.. Players of all skills are invited to bring their guitar/s (acoustic, since it's an "unplugged" format) and share their skills, stories and tips with your fellow players.

The "League" idea comes from a baseball metaphor. We guitar players start with the basics in Little League, moving from the Rookies to the Minors and then to the Majors. Effective skill acquisition and sharing occurs at each level. Each month features a Special Presenter who shares a particular skill. Then players will assemble with fellow players in their "League" to continue sharing among themselves. 

The Guitar League sometimes co-sponsors concert performances from world-class players. We've hosted Tommy Emmanuel, Stephen Bennett, Laurence Juber, John Knowles, Muriel Anderson, and Richard Smith, with more in the works. See the "Events" page for info as concerts are scheduled.

The League site is continually changing, so keep checking in.

Swing for the fences. Happy guitar playing.
Jim, Dick & Loren

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